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Visit us on Facebook

Yes we finally created a Facebook page for the haunt! Visit it for updates plus photos and videos of the haunt - and helpful links to othe...

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Visit us on Facebook

Yes we finally created a Facebook page for the haunt!

Visit it for updates plus photos and videos of the haunt - and helpful links to other Halloween themed attractions in the area!


Friday, June 10, 2016

DC Haunters Animated Tombstone Make 'n Take

May 15th saw another informal get together of the DC area Haunters hosted and organized by Keith Emery at his place in Kensington Md.

Keith made this short youtube video of the props for the build 

A fun time was had by all. Lots of chatting about props and proposals for future builds. 

I built myself the kit which turns a head side-to-side (picture right). It was a blast to build and came together easily thanks to the excellent prep work Keith had done getting the kits setup:

Anyone interested in joining the group - or just showing up for the next make 'n take look us up. We have a Google Group: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/gdchh 

Or contact myself and I'll get you introduced.


Saturday, April 16, 2016

Our First Escape Room

This past Sunday (4/10) we tried out our first "escape room". 

Neither of us even knew what an escape room was until we went to TransWorld ( http://www.haashow.com/ ) in St Louis a few weeks ago. Apparently escape rooms are the latest craze and are popping up all over the place. I went to a seminar on escape rooms run by the owner of an escape room in Philadelphia called "Escape the 1980s" which sounded like a lot of fun (and we hope to visit that one sometime).

Having never heard of any, when we did a quick search on Groupon we were surprised to find two in the DC area (one in Laurel Md and another in Adams Morgan in DC) and a third in Alexandria Virginia that's scheduled to open May 1st.

We decided to try out the closest room http://omescapedc.com/product/room-omega/ 
The theme was that a scientist doing time experiments had disappeared and you have to discover what happened to him. There were probably 10 "puzzles" you had to solve spread across 3 rooms that you progress through. 

The game itself was fun, though there were a few hiccups. The rooms weren't very detailed and the entire facility was a little... dumpy. But we all did have a good time.

Phil, Cecilia, Chris, Alisha, Chris, Catherine, Alex, Geoff
 Our "Escape Room Crew"; 6 of us plus 2 escape room vets we met there - Chris and Alisha. We were shocked to discover that Chris and Alisha were also Transworld veterans and had been at the same show Catherine and I just got back from. (There will be a blog entry on that very soon).

We're all looking forward to trying the new escape room in Alexandria next month... And contemplating creating a mini escape room in our haunt for 2017...
Scaredy Cat and Creepy Chris

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Haunt Video 2015 - Finally!!!

Finally... Finished editing up the video footage from the 2015 Haunt.
Turned out pretty good if I do say so myself! We had a great bunch of helpers this past year which made all the difference. 

We're not haunting in '16 but are already planning out the walk thru for '17. It's going to be even MORE intense and almost twice as long. We'll be spending this year building some cool new props.

Happy Haunting!
Getting ready for Transworld (our first time!)
-Creepy Chris

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

2015 Haunt Pics Online

The 2015 Haunt photo gallery is finally online!

See them at  http://www.creepynights.org/Gallery-2015/index.html

*Still working on the haunt video; will update again when that's ready.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Haunt Hours This Year

Our Haunted Walk-Thru will be open 7-10pm Friday 10/30/2015 and Saturday 10/31/2015 only. No rain dates. 

If you haven't checked us out before, be sure to stop by. The haunt is more intense this year than in the past, and is definitely not recommended for young children. We won't be doing the walk-thru next year so don't miss this one! The Hillbilly's have been cooking up a special batch of 'shine... and everyone's DYING to find out their secret ingredient...

We're excited to be listed on the:
  • Fairfax Family Fun Directory: http://www.fairfaxfamilyfun.com/blog/nova-halloween-2015-whats-in-whats-out-and-whats-new
  • WMZQ: http://www.wmzq.com/features/happy-halloween-1351/events/15/494554/haunted-house-locations-13958632/
  • HauntedHouse.com http://www.hauntedhouse.com/directory/haunts/usa/virginia/
  • and several other directories.

 Feel free to stop by and enjoy our computer controlled music and light show out front - which runs nightly.

  And PLEASE remember to bring canned food donations for E.C.H.O. - the local food bank.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

WindowFX Digital Effect

We've been a big fan of AtmosFX digital effects for many years now... though we'd always used TV screens to project the effects. Never had the time to learn all about the various projectors out there and what differentiates them. New ones seem expensive and used ones are risky since apparently the bulb (which has a very limited life) is the major cost component in most projectors and if you happen to buy a used one whose bulb dies on you you're faced with potentially more expense than what you paid for the projector.

And if you're a haunter doing a yard haunt like we do, you also have to worry about potentially building enclosures for the projectors that will protect them from the elements so you can use them outdoors.

That said when AtmosFx announced an all-in-one bundled projection solution (WindowFx) this past summer I was all over it! We pre-ordered it and have been waiting anxiously for its arrival.

Well it finally showed up last week. It was worth the wait!!! VERY COOL.

I was looking to go back and order another - but alas they're sold out for the season already! You can bet we'll be looking for another one though!

$124 for a projector which plays videos off an SD card, an SD card pre-loaded with a variety of Halloween and Christmas effects, a wireless remote, and a scrim to project onto. The specs on the projector looked questionable, but after getting it and testing it ourselves we couldn't be happier!